Home automation made easy and accessible

Connect your Arduino, ESP and other development boards or any MCU with internet access to voice assistants, and control them from anywhere.

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Connected Devices: 1528

Control your devices from anywhere and in any way

From your computer

Using the browser app, you can easily manage and control your devices.

From your Phone

you can also use the browser app in your phone to have easy and convenient access to your devices. Android and iOS native apps are under development.

With google assistant

Link the Smartnest Action with your Google home account to control your devices with your voice using google assistant.

With Alexa

Link the Smartnest Skill with your Alexa account to control your devices with your Echo device or with your Alexa App.

With Siri

Configure the Smartnest Siri Shortcut to control your devices using your iPhone or iPad, it can be configured to use voice or text instructions and its available in English, Spanish, German and Czech.


Use the Smartnest integration through webhooks in your IFTTT account to manage and control your devices.

With the API

Get complete access to Smartnest API and integrate your system with all the services.

With Tasmota

You can also control your devices that use custom Tasmota Firmware.

Some interesting projects and tutorials using Smartnest

Watering system with Google Assistant

Learn how to build your own smart watering system and control it using Google assistant.

Smart button

Learn how to build your own smart button to control any device or a group of devices, you will be able to start any routine, play music, get the weather forecast or get the news.

Watering system with Alexa

Learn how to build your own smart watering system and control it using Alexa.

Blink Tutorial

Learn how you can easily connect your own home automation projects to Alexa and control them even from your computer phone or tablet.

Alexa as your doorbell

Learn how to connect any regular doorbell to Alexa and receive the alerts in all your echo devices.

Would you like to support us?

Smartnest would not be possible without donations from different sources. If you would like to support this project and help us to provide a better service and develop new tools, you can donate to us through the button below. Thank you!

Also, every user who donates 5 USD or more will have 10 devices in the basic plan instead of 5 forever (Option available only during beta phase)